Make Dreams Come True as a Travel Consultant

Are you passionate about creating unforgettable travel experiences? At Old Sod Travel, we're dedicated to hand-crafting itineraries to make our clients' dreams reality. We plan the finest details to create cherished memories. As a Travel Consultant, you'll have the opportunity to design custom tour packages, collaborate with clients to bring their travel dreams to life, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of travel.

Why Work for Old Sod Travel

Flexibility of Remote Work: Our team is remote, with flexible schedules to create work-life balance.

Professional Growth & Skill Development: Grow your expertise in the travel industry, develop interpersonal skills, and foster valuable relationships with coworkers, partners and clients.

What You'll Do

Client Engagement: Serve as a trusted advisor for our clients, offering tailored recommendations, expert guidance, and top-tier service throughout their journey.

Curate Unique Itineraries: Create engaging itineraries that showcase the best of our destinations and activities suited to them. You'll select attractions, accommodations, and transportation options that your clients can choose for visits of varying lengths and budgets.

Nurture Partnerships: Cultivate strong partnerships with vendors, travel agencies, and suppliers to ensure seamless travel arrangements and exclusive access.

Stay Ahead of Trends: Keep informed about industry trends, policies, and cutting-edge technologies to enhance our travel services continually.

Ashford Castle - Ireland
About Old Sod Travel

Who You Are

Passionate Traveler: You hold a love for travel and a passion for creating extraordinary experiences.

Excellent Communicator: You use your interpersonal skills to build meaningful connections with clients and colleagues. You communicate with professionalism, clarity and accuracy and are able to negotiate.

Organized & Detailed: You keep an excellent level of organization, can understand complex logistical information and you are very detail-oriented. You are able to juggle multiple projects simultaneously.

Tech Navigator: Proficient in utilizing digital tools and travel software to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Tools used daily include Microsoft Office, Google Suite, telecommunications systems, travel software, and online reservation systems.

Travel Experienced: You possess a working knowledge of the travel industry, and understand travel policies and regulations. You have experience coordinating travel arrangements.

Begin Your Travel Consultant Journey

If you're eager to harness your passion for travel to embark on a new adventure with us, contact Katheriona Dowling with your resume. Let's shape remarkable travel experiences together!