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Visiting Northern England

Posted by Tom Casey on 11/27/18 4:00 PM

Have you ever considered a vacation in the British Isles without setting foot in Edinburgh or London? If you enjoy exploring beautiful coastlines, mountains, and lakes; visiting castles and historic attractions while eating fabulous meals, we’ve...

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An American in Dublin

Posted by Tom Casey on 8/29/18 10:13 PM

In April I was attending a trade conference in Dublin. One of my colleagues suggested that I contact her brother in law, Keith, and see if we couldn’t arrange a time to get together for a pint or two of the “black stuff”. In the interest of...

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St. Andrews: The true “Home of Golf”

Posted by Tom Casey on 8/13/18 9:52 AM

Most Americans have heard of St. Andrews in Scotland. Located by the North Sea, the ancient town is home to St. Andrews University, where Kate Middleton met her Prince. The University and its students dominate the town during the school year....

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GAA Football and Hurling Championships: The 2018 Season.

Posted by Keith Dowling on 6/11/18 11:15 AM

With the GAA Football and Hurling Championships underway we will soon see who will emerge as champions for 2018. The Hurling Final will take place in Croke Park on Sunday, August 19th with the Football being played on Sunday, September 2nd....

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Destination Ireland: Dublin, Donegal, Belfast, and more

Posted by Tom Casey on 12/21/17 10:00 AM

Those of us that work at Old Sod Travel, love Ireland! It's why we do what we do. So when other people recognize things in or about Ireland that are exceptional, we love to help spread the word.

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An Insider’s Guide to the Top Dublin pubs, Part 3

Posted by Tom Casey on 4/30/17 1:01 PM

This is the third post in the Insider's Guide to the Top Dublin Pubs series, which explores two additional Pubs to visit in Dublin.

For a relatively small country, Ireland offers a wealth of natural wonders and cultural delights. With options...

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An Insider’s Guide to the Top Dublin pubs, continued

Posted by Tom Casey on 4/21/17 2:59 PM
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An Insider’s Guide to the Top Dublin pubs

Posted by Tom Casey on 4/6/17 11:53 AM
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The Coyne Cup 2017

Posted by Tom Casey on 2/4/17 9:30 AM

Bring your family to Scotland for Coyne Cup 2017: August 22nd - 26th  

This summer we'll head back into the dunes with New York  Times Bestselling Author, Tom Coyne, who  insisted that the tour­na­ment reflect the spirit of his  book,  ...
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Galway: One of 7 "under-the-radar" must visit cities.

Posted by Tom Casey on 1/18/17 8:40 AM

Following the news that Donegal is the coolest place on Earth,  another Irish city is making news of its own: Galway recently made the Tasting Table list of 7 cities under-the-radar that you need to visit this year

Surrounded by a vast ocean...

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