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Kerryann Kiely


ca(23) Kerryann Kiely

Kerryann Kiely, Group Trip Manager

Phone: (443) 229-8300, Ext. 416

Kerryann is one of Old Sod Travel’s Group Trip Managers, and joined the team in 2017. Kerryann is second generation Irish and grew in a very Irish household often surrounded by relatives visiting from Ireland. She also spent time living in London with her husband which gave her the unique opportunity to get to personally know England. During her time in London she also had ample opportunities to visit Ireland and immerse herself in the local culture. Her background and roots to Ireland and England allow her to provide all the insider tips to her clients while crafting the perfect itinerary for them.

Prior to joining Old Sod Travel, Kerryann was the Director of Commercial Continuity for CBS Radio Networks in New York where she and her team were responsible for scheduling all radio network commercials including CBS News, Sports, Talk, MLB, NFL, NCAA, and The Olympics. Kerryann graduated from Niagara University in New York State with a BS in Business Administration. 

During her free time Kerryann enjoys spending time with her three boys and husband. She spends many weekends on the sidelines with her co-workers Katheriona and Elizabeth.

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