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Getting There, Getting Around

Getting There & Getting Around


Getting There

Most travelers flying from the United States to Scotland will book flights to Glasgow or Edinburgh. There are nonstop routes available from New York, Philadelphia and Las Vegas. (See the list below.) Every major airline provides connecting flights around cities across the U.S. You can also fly into London and take a low-cost flight to a number of destinations in Scotland.

Several major airlines offer daily direct flights from the U.S. to Scotland:

Table of flights to Scotland

Getting Around

Scotland is well connected by roads and train rails, which means you can travel across the country quite easily. You have options for transportation:

iStock_94475867_LARGE.jpgHire a Driver

Hiring a driver lets you enjoy the view without worrying about directions, driving conditions or that extra Famous Grouse after dinner. Your driver can also serve as a guide, taking you to the best views, restaurants and sites. Hir­ing a dri­ver is more expen­sive, but travelers that splurge never regret it.

iStock_104087413_LARGE.jpgRent a Car

When driving across Scotland, you’ll have the chance to see some unbelievably beautiful scenery on your own schedule and following your own whims. Driving on the left side of the road can be a little daunting, but if you’re a com­pe­tent and con­fi­dent dri­ver, by the sec­ond day you will feel pretty com­fort­able.

iStock_82434491_LARGE.jpgTrains & Buses

Trains and buses are another possibility. Trains will get you to all the major cities and the smaller towns between them, but you’ll need to take a bus to get to the more remote locations.

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