These terms and conditions were updated on December 10, 2021. When you make a reservation, you and those on whose behalf you are booking enter into an agreement between Old Sod Travel and others who will provide services for your Tour/Group package. Reservations are subject to the Terms and Conditions outlined below.


Payment terms fluctuate based on tour/group package. Deposit and Full payment terms are outlined on your invoice/contract. Payments can be made by check, bank transfer or money order(issued in USD) payable to Old Sod Travel. Credit card payments are accepted (Visa, American Express or Master Card). Prices and itineraries for group tours are secured upon receipt of signed contract and deposit.

The parties acknowledge and agree that, in consideration of the work already performed by Old Sod in connection with the preparation of the itinerary and quote, and other preparations for the trip, the Deposit has been fully earned by Old Sod upon payment, and the Deposit shall in no event be refundable to the traveler for any reason whatsoever.


Space is subject to availability at time of booking. Special event tickets may require full payment at time of booking. Prices may be higher than advertised due to special events, premium nights and holidays. Travel vouchers and tickets will be mailed upon receipt of final payment. Group reservations and certain tours/packages may have different payment due dates, date change fees and cancellation fees. In the event that the balance is not paid by the due date, Old Sod Travel reserves the right to cancel the reservation and a cancellation fee will be applicable.


In the event that you must cancel your reservation prior to departure, cancellation fees will be per those stated on the contract/itinerary/invoice. Tours, trips, and/or any other travel services canceled after a client has tendered its "final payment" as defined by Old Sod's Contract for Travel Services (including no shows) are subject to a cancellation fee of 100% of the tour, trip, and/or travel services package price (unless otherwise stated); Airline Tickets: 100% cancellation fee; Special event tickets and gift certificates are 100% non-refundable. You will only receive a refund once all vouchers/tickets are returned to Old Sod Travel. Only written cancellations are accepted.


The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the enactment of various travel restrictions throughout the world. These laws can be enacted or modified in every country or local jurisdiction as conditions develop. Old Sod Travel strongly recommends that all travelers be fully vaccinated at least three weeks prior to commencing any travel outside the United States. Client/Traveler is hereby notified and acknowledges that travel restrictions throughout the world are outside the control of Old Sod Travel and are subject to change at any time and without notice to Old Sod Travel. Client/Traveler assumes all risks of travel, including the risk of contracting COVID-19 and agrees to hold harmless. Old Sod Travel of any claims or damages relating to illness, hospitalization, medical bills or death from this disease or any other disease contracted during travel. Client/Traveler assumes all risks of any changes, limitations, and restrictions in the travel plans due to COVID, including without limitation, site closures, travel restrictions, and/or mandatory quarantines. Client/Traveler agrees to hold harmless Old Sod Travel, its agents, employees and principals from all claims and damages relating COVID, including any cancellations, closures, changes, restrictions or limitations in travel plans due to COVID.


Your authorization to use your credit card number for payment indicates your agreement with our booking Terms and Conditions, whether or not you have signed the appropriate draft. For travel agency bookings, a letter of confirmation signed by the cardholder authorizing the use of the credit card without a signature must be kept on file by Old Sod Travel. In the event that a cardholder refuses to honor a charge, the travel agency will beheld responsible for the full payment.


Prices are subject to change without prior notice. If the total price of the travel services is increased more than 7%, you have the right to cancel the reservation and obtain a full refund. No price increases will be made after you have paid in full.


Changes to package components are subject to an administrative fee to be determined by Old Sod Travel. All changes are subject to availability at time of booking.


Travel vouchers and airline tickets must be presented when required by the service provider. If you fail to present the appropriate voucher(s), Old Sod Travel company is not responsible if a service provider declines to honor your reservation. You are also bound by each supplier's own Terms and Conditions.


It's your responsibility to ensure that you have the required documents for entry to the destination. In the event that you are denied entry for any reason, no refund for unused services will be considered. As of June 2009 it will be mandatory that visitors traveling between Canada/United States carry a valid passport. A passport must be validity date of 6 months after your return date. Names on airline tickets must appear exactly as shown on passport.


Old Sod Travel is not responsible for unforeseen flight delays or schedule changes imposed by an airline. Air schedules may be subject to change at the discretion of the airline. Any cancellations or changes to airlines reservations are subject to any cancellations penalties imposed by the airline.


Lost/damaged baggage is the responsibility of the supplier not Old Sod Travel..


Old Sod Travel. is not responsible for excess baggage charges.


In the event of a typographical error, Old Sod Travel reserves the right to re-price or change any quote or reservation with or without notice.


Unused services are non-refundable and non-transferable.


The purchase of medical and trip cancellation/interruption insurance is strongly recommended.


Old Sod Travel reserves the right to make any changes to the travel package, including changes to hotel accommodations, golf outings, tours, transportation and schedule with or without notice. No compensation will be provided for modifications to travel services. Hotel preferences such as bedding are on a request basis only.


Old Sod Travel reserves the right to cancel any reservation at any time prior to full payment. In the event of cancellation, our liability will be limited to a full refund of all payments made to Old Sod Travel.


Local conditions may differ from those in your home country. Old Sod Travel cannot be held responsible for any sickness or inconvenience arising as a result of the different living standards.


Old Sod Travel is not responsible for any inconvenience arising from hotel or accommodation construction.


Old Sod Travel is not responsible for factors beyond our control which alter the accommodations, trains, flights or activities purchased. All photographs in any brochure and/or website are purely representational and are not a guarantee that everything will be as depicted upon arrival at your destination.


Old Sod Travel and/or its suppliers cannot assume liability for any loss, damage or injury resulting from an Act of God or any other force majeure.


Old Sod Travel reserves the right to decline to accept any person as a member of a trip, or to require any participant to withdraw from the trip at any time when such action is determined to be in the best interests of the health, safety, and general welfare of the group or the individual participant. No refunds will be provided and the person is responsible for any transportation expenses to return home. Trip participants may be photographed for promotional purposes and no compensation will be provided.


The liability of Old Sod Travel, it's shareholders, directors, employees, agents and affiliates (collectively "indemnified Parties") for any loss, damage, or injury of any nature or kind whatsoever, arising out of its own acts, omissions or negligence, is limited to the amount paid for the vacation package. Except as set out above Old Sod Travel will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any kind whatsoever to person or property. Old Sod Travel is not liable for any third party omissions.


You agree that any claims against Old Sod Travel shall be made in writing and received by Old Sod Travel no later than 30 days after the event causing the claim. Claims made after 30 days will not be responded to.


The exclusive venue for all claims, actions or proceedings against Old Sod Travel and its parent company arising out of this contract shall be Anne Arundel County in the State of Maryland, USA and such claims, actions or proceedings shall be determined according to the laws of Maryland.


The invalidity of any provision contained here in shall not affect the validity of any other provision. Your reservation deposit indicates acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions and limits on responsibility.


Old Sod, acts only as agent for Client in acquiring transportation, hotel accommodations, sightseeing and other privileges, or services for the Client's benefit, and on the express condition that Old Sod shall not be responsible for any loss, accident,injury, delay, defect, omission or irregularity which may occur or be occasioned, whether by reason of any act, negligence or default of any company or person engaged in or responsible for carrying out any of the arrangements, or otherwise in connection there with. Old Sod, shall not be liable for any injuries or any damage to any client or be subject to any claim, demand, injury, or damages, whatsoever, including without limitation, those damages from acts of passive or active negligence on the part of Old Sod, its officers, employees, or agents. Client does hereby expressly release and discharge Old Sod from all such claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action. Client acknowledges that he/she has carefully read this paragraph and fully understands that this is a waiver and release of liability.

Old Sod Travel is a Blank Canvas Tours, LLC company