Introducing Our Dublin Office

We are delighted to introduce our newest Trip Managers, Conor Deegan and Siobhan Sherry, who - along with Tanya Oliver - are based in Dublin. They bring a unique expertise of living and working in Ireland to help our customers plan dream vacations to Ireland and the British Isles. Our Dublin office adds to the considerable knowledge and relationships we already have in Ireland, with the advantage of being in-country, year-round.

Born and raised in Ireland, these three Trip Managers are ready to share their knowledge of Ireland and the British Isles with you in an amazing itinerary for a memorable trip.

dublin office team photo

Conor Deegan has a long-standing background in tourism and travel, with a degree in Tourism Marketing and over 20 years of experience in the industry. Conor is also a PGA-qualified Golf Professional and specializes in both golfing and custom vacations.

Having lived in Ireland all her life, Siobhan Sherry brings extensive experience to Old Sod Travel from summer travel in Ireland, UK and western Europe. She uses this experience to ensure that her colleagues are equipped with the best local knowledge available in preparation of client itineraries.

Born, raised, and residing in Ireland, trip manager Tanya Oliver shares her deep knowledge of Ireland and the British Isles with her clients when working with them to create custom, memorable trips.

All trip managers at Old Sod Travel are well-versed in the best-of-the-best in Ireland, from food to lodging to sights and scenery. Our staff in the U.S. also have roots in Ireland, including the company’s owner and founder, Tom Casey, who is second-generation Irish as well as Irish native Katheriona Dowling, Managing Director.

Let us help you plan and book a trip with memories that last a lifetime!