Tom’s Travels – Day 4

After a short walk from our Hilltop private home, I enjoyed a great breakfast back in the main building and then I was off visiting properties again.

First stop was to have been at Airds House In nearby Port Appin. A small hotel (9 rooms) with a a renowned restaurant that was included in the 2021 Michelin Guide in the "Recommendation" category. The Restaurant has also earned three rosettes from AA, a Gold Award from Eat Scotland and has been included in the Good Food Guide for the past 43 years.

Unfortunately, it was not to be as a road construction project blocked my progress at the start and with so much more to do today, I decided to turn around and head south to Oban.

In Oban I enjoyed the opportunity to visit the Manor House Hotel again after 4 years. I met the new owner and got a good tour of the public rooms and got to see the bedrooms for the first time. A great little hotel, the Manor House offers great food and stunning views of Harbor and Ferry Terminals. If given the chance, I think that I could sit in the backyard and watch the harbour traffic all afternoon and evening.

Manor House Hotel

After a quick stop at Perle Oban I headed out of town towards Glasgow. My only stop along the way was at the 5 star Cameron House. The hotel overlooks Loch Lomond and was a property that we were using with increasing frequency just as the hotel experienced a devastating fire and although there were no severe injuries, the hotel was closed for an extended period and then the pandemic hit.

I was very excited to see the rebuilt Cameron House, but found myself wandering into a very different building. I loved the old building but the public spaces were a bit of a jumble, at least near the entrance. The new Cameron House captured the spirit of the original but with a much more coherent arrangement of space that resulted in a more welcoming arrival experience while retaining the original look and feel of the Hotel.

Cameron House Hotel

I approached the check in area looking like a kid from the country that was experiencing New York CIty for the first time. Confused but impressed, I asked the young man behind the desk where I was and let him know that I was looking for Cameron House but that this clearly was not the place.

We spoke for a while and he updated me on all the changes that they had made and the construction that is in progress. The bottom line is that the owners of Cameron House are making a great house bigger and even better. The location is phenomenal and the growth will allow them to offer even more activities and restaurant options in the future.

I followed Cameron House with quick visits to Sherbrooke Castle, Crossbasket Hotel and in downtown Glasgow, Vocco Grand Central (which underwent a great refurbishment during Covid) and the always elegant Blythswood Square. All looked great as they recovered from the slow-down in traffic during covid, many taking advantage of the low occupancy levels to spruce things up a bit.

Hotel Du Vin recently purchased One Devonshire and added their own special sauce to what has long been one of Glasgow's signature hotels. The bar and restaurant were busy and their offerings varied and well delivered. It was a very comfortable evening and stay as I got ready to entertain my 16 family members and friends.


But first, a day visiting properties in Edinburgh awaited!