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Meet the Team

Old Sod Travel Trip Managers

Creating memorable experiences

Tom Casey, Founder

Tom loves to travel to Ireland and the British Isles and is dedicated to creating unique and memorable experiences for groups, families, couples, and golfers from around the world.

Elizabeth Bromley
Elizabeth Bromley

Elizabeth Bromley, Group Trip Manager.

Elizabeth's enthusiasm for trip planning combined with her love of travel, attention to detail, and customer focus is the perfect combination for creating unique and memorable experiences for her clients.


Katheriona Dowling, Managing Director

As an Irish native Katheriona's great passion is bringing her knowledge of Ireland and what it means to be Irish to creating unique experiences for all her clients.

Tanya Oliver

Tanya Oliver, Trip Manager

Born, raised, and residing in Ireland, Tanya shares her deep knowledge of Ireland and the British Isles with her clients when working with them to create custom, memorable trips.

Karen Mulinari

Karen Mulinari, Trip Manager

Karen is enthusiastic about traveling abroad and planning unique vacation experiences for her family and personal friends. She is excited to channel this energy into planning your vacation and considers it more fun than work.

Colleen Bigelow

Colleen Bigelow, Trip Manager

After researching, exploring, and learning about her own family ancestry and roots, Colleen realized she could create special experiences around helping her clients find their roots in Ireland, Scotland, and England.

Amanda Giddings

Amanda Giddings, Trip Manager

Amanda’s commitment to travel and planning her own vacations is what drew her to Old Sod Travel. She now applies this passion to curate unique and memorable trips for her clients.

Lisa Dunoyer

Lisa Dunoyer, Trip Manager

Born and raised in Great Britain, Lisa brings a wealth of local knowledge to the Old Sod Travel team and her clients. Her interest in travel and discovering new places carries through to the trips she designs and arranges for her clients.

Katie Brubaker headshot 2

Katie Brubaker, Group Trip Manager

Katie has a deep love for travel, a natural talent for planning, and the knowledge and enthusiasm needed to plan you an outstanding vacation to England, Scotland, or Ireland!

Kerryann Kiely

Kerryann Kiely, Group Trip Manager

Kerryann is second generation Irish and was often surrounded by relatives visiting from Ireland. She also spent time living in London which gave her the unique opportunity to get to personally know England. Her background allows her to provide all the insider tips to her clients craft the perfect itinerary for them.

Julie Cole

Julie Cole, Trip Manager and Social Media Consultant

Having spent time in college studying abroad and traveling to different countries, Julie is eager to help plan your trip to Ireland, Scotland, or England.

Kathy Dague_bio pic

Kathy Dague, Trip Manager

Kathy's enthusiasm for trip planning combined with her love of travel, attention to detail, and customer focus is the perfect combination for creating unique and memorable experiences for her clients.

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Amy Starkey, Trip Manager

Known as the 'cruise director' among her friends for always stepping up to plan any trip or vacation,  Amy enjoys finding the perfect destinations for others as much as for her own family. She has combined her experience booking itineraries and planning events in the film industry with her love of travel and is thrilled to be part of the Old Sod team.
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