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Tom's Travels: Northern Ireland

Posted by Tom Casey on 6/2/23 2:50 PM

Day 1: Belfast

After 5 days of business meetings, my wife Beth finally arrived to join me in Belfast. She had been to The Republic of Ireland 4 times but had yet to venture north. After hearing me rave about the brilliant scenery along the Antrim...

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Tom's Travels - Day 5

Posted by Tom Casey on 6/29/22 11:22 PM

Day 5 was not the best day of the work portion of my first trip to Scotland in 3 years. After spending more time than expected on some emails and calls, I got a late start. When I did get to my car, I got my bag into the car, connected my phone to...

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Tom's Travels - Day 4

Posted by Tom Casey on 6/21/22 2:38 PM

After a short walk from our Hilltop private home, I enjoyed a great breakfast back in the main building and then I was off visiting properties again.

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Tom's Travels - Day 3

Posted by Tom Casey on 6/17/22 3:17 PM

The 3rd day of the work portion of my Scotland visit was dominated by time behind the wheel, punctuated by stunning scenery around every corner.

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Tom's Travels - Day 2

Posted by Tom Casey on 6/12/22 12:00 PM

I didn't want to leave the Fife Arms today. I felt like I wasn't going to see anything better this week so why bother?

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Tom's Travels - Day 1

Posted by Tom Casey on 6/10/22 3:27 PM

After a 2 hour delay my flight to Edinburgh arrived mid-day. Unfortunately the delay caused me to have to skip 2 properties that I was looking forward to, Cromlix and Gleneagles. Hopefully I'll be able to visit later in the week, but much to do in...

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Where to Stay in Ireland & Scotland

Posted by Tom Casey on 5/19/22 11:37 PM

One of our favorite things about traveling abroad is staying in the coolest hotels and inns (and staying in castles and country manors). While the chain hotels have their place, there is nothing like the feeling of staying in a boutique or unique...

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Introducing Our Dublin Office

Posted by Tom Casey on 5/9/22 12:55 PM

We are delighted to introduce our newest Trip Managers, Conor Deegan and Siobhan Sherry, who - along with Tanya Oliver - are based in Dublin. They bring a unique expertise of living and working in Ireland to help our customers plan dream vacations...

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Castles & Country Manors

Posted by Tom Casey on 1/25/22 1:40 PM

Any bucket-list trip to Ireland and the British Isles is going to include visits to castles and country manors. But a trip created with Old Sod Travel is bound to include at least one stay in an elegant castle or refined country manor. It's easy to...

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Celtic Origins of Halloween Traditions

Posted by Tom Casey on 10/19/21 9:27 AM

Did you know that many of the Halloween traditions we use today originated on the Old Sod? In Ireland, the Celtic celebration of Samhain (pronounced saa-win) dates back to before the 10th century when the spoken traditions were written down....

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